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Barry Simpson

"This is a must course for anyone looking to be the best they can be"

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"I have personally had the benefit of being guided and positively influenced by Mark Goldberg and all that he offers within his course " Staying In The Game" and since adopting his techniques and positive mindset I have travelled on my journey starting out as a sales executive in the advertising industry progressing to Sales director in a fully listed public company and then to owning my own successful multi million pound business. This is a must course for anyone looking to be the best they can be and to considerably increase their earnings capacity" 

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Alec Fiddes

"This has allowed me to propel my professional career beyond my expectations"

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Mark has been a father-like figure in the development of my professional career. I have been fortunate enough to benefit and adopt many of the key learnings and techniques from “Staying in the Game”, incorporating them into my day to day along with the positive, winner mindset that Mark has installed in me. This has allowed me to propel my professional career beyond my expectations, leading me to become a top sales performer for the world’s leading research ABS advisory firm. This course provides the foundations and must have practices to enable you to accomplish all your goals and earn the type of money that changes your life.

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Tony Summers

“Staying In The Game is a great example of modern wisdom"

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"In todays information age we are drowning in knowledge…, yet starving for wisdom.” Anthony Robbins.

Mark Goldbergs’ “ Staying In The Game” is a great example of modern wisdom.

Mark takes 35+ years of sales, life, and negotiation experience and through his programme, distils it down to simple and easy-to-follow learning blocks.

Simply put , if it had not been for Mark Goldberg I would not have achieved, in my own life, the success that was right for me.

Stay in the game and good luck!"

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Life, Career and Business Skills - made simple!

Having made and lost a £40 million personal fortune and bounced back to achieve success again, Mark Goldberg reveals how we can all realise our true potential! 


"There are no short cuts in achieving what you set out to achieve in life. The key is to 'stay in the game' long enough to keep adapting and reinventing until you strike on a winning formula. If I can, anyone can!"

Mark Goldberg

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Staying in the game

This course will help you to build the confidence, agility and resilience to gain more success in all aspects of your life.


In addition it helps you achieve a healthy life balance and develop the potential to increase your life earnings.  

"If I can anyone can!"

The Course




The aim of this section is to help create a vision of what we want for ourselves in the future, whether it is simply to be the best we can be as a person or to find the job of our dreams, or to propel ourselves in our career or business, or to achieve success on the greatest scale possible.


Our first step in building self-confidence is to do whatever we can in life to be healthy and to appreciate that our health has a major impact on our ability to fulfil our true potential. 

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Opportunities are everywhere but so often they just pass us by because we’re either not aware of them or we’re not looking out for them and even when they stare us right in the face. We often don’t have the courage or conviction to grab and embrace them and as a result we miss the opportunity



When things go wrong for us, it’s so easy to look for blame elsewhere, whereas we should rather evaluate our own contribution first and explore how we could have handled the situation better by testing our inner conscience and being honest with ourselves, as we simply cannot begin to solve any situation if we’re seeking retribution elsewhere yet, all along, the real problem lies with us. 

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The definition of perpetual momentum is whereby motion continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. We relate this to demonstrating how, as a result of our hard work and application early on, great opportunity and reward can come our way in the future without needing to exert as much energy.

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