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creating perpetual momentum


TIME REQUIRED: Each section within this course module consists of a short video followed by multiple choice questions that can be completed in your own time, followed by more comprehensive Positive Action Activities. The module should take approximately 8 hours to complete.

The definition of perpetual momentum is whereby motion continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. We relate this to demonstrating how, as a result of building solid foundations and a thicker band of resilience for ourselves, great opportunity and reward can come our way in the future without needing to exert as much energy.

COURSE 5: Creating perpetual momentum for sustainable growth, retention and resilience.
8 hours (PHSE) online training



1.    To discover how you can truly create your own perpetual momentum in life.
2.    To learn how to further develop your momentum to fulfil your true potential.
3.    To build solid foundations and an infrastructure for your sustainable growth.
4.    To learn how to best incentivise yourself for continual drive and motivation. 
5.    To learn how to best adapt your skills to help optimise every opportunity in life.
6.    To learn how to leverage your skills and experience to gain maximum reward.
7.    To learn how you can gain a self-perpetuating feed of opportunity and reward.
8.    To learn you can also reach greater heights of success and mix in higher circles.
9.    To learn you can achieve things in life that you previously thought not possible. 
10.  To explore how to reach true fulfilment and reflect with pride on your journey.


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