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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Having made and lost a £40 million personal fortune buying the premiership

football club he followed as a boy. Mark bounced back to achieve success again and, in the process, not only learnt how to keep going and develop an almost impenetrable resilience but also acquired an encyclopaedic volume of life lessons.

He's also managed to do so whilst maintaining a affable likeability, a ready wit and not an ounce of bitterness or regret.

Born and raised on the London Kent border,  Mark was educated at Dulwich Prep and Alleyns schools, before winning a soccer scholarship in the United States at William & Mary College in Williamsburg Virginia.

On his return to the UK after dropping out from College in the USA and not sure where his life was leading, he found himself, more by chance than design, in recruitment. Before long, armed with nothing more the a Yellow Pages, a phone, a notebook and unstoppable ambition, Mark started MSB International which grew to become one of the most successful public floatation's of the 1990’s.

Mark's new found wealth led him to follow his boyhood dream to buy Crystal Palace Football Club. An ill fated decision which changed the course of his life once again. 

The well documented demise of Mark's journey as owner of Crystal Palace has, in turn, created one of the most compelling and inspiring life stories to emerge from the world of football and high finance.

This series of courses encapsulate the many lessons Mark has learnt along this incredible journey and packaged them to pass on to others in an interesting and enticing format that makes them easy to absorb, to assist others to become the best person they can be and to develop the art of self-mastery in their life, career or business whilst guaranteeing to increase their earnings capacity.

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